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Cacao Expresso

Preparation Time: 12 minutes
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Making a cacao drink from cacao nibs using a stovetop espresso maker (Moka pot) is a delightful process that mimics making espresso-style coffee.

Here's a step-by-step guide for you


  • Premium cacao nibs

  • Water


  • Stovetop espresso maker (Moka pot)

  • Measuring scoop

Step 1: Grinding the Cacao Nibs

1. Begin by measuring the desired amount of cacao nibs. Just like with coffee, the grind size matters for proper flavor extraction. Use a burr grinder to grind the cacao nibs to a fine consistency, similar to espresso coffee grounds.

Step 2: Preparing the Moka Pot

1. Fill the bottom chamber of the Moka pot with water up to the safety valve.

2. Place the ground cacao nibs evenly into the filter basket of the Moka pot.

Step 3: Assembling the Moka Pot

1. Carefully screw the top chamber onto the bottom chamber of the Moka pot, ensuring a tight seal.

2. Place the Moka pot on a stovetop burner set to medium heat.


Step 4: Brewing the Cacao

1. As the water in the bottom chamber heats up, it will create pressure, forcing the water through the cacao grounds in the filter basket.

2. The resulting cacao-infused liquid will collect in the top chamber of the Moka pot.


Step 5: Collecting Your Cacao Brew

1. Once you hear a hissing sound or notice that the liquid has stopped coming out, the brewing process is complete.

2. Carefully remove the Moka pot from the stovetop and set it aside to cool slightly.


Step 6: Pour and Enjoy

1. Open the Moka pot carefully, as the top chamber will be hot.

2. Pour the rich cacao-infused liquid into your cup, similar to how you would pour espresso.


Step 7: Optional Additions

1. If desired, you can sweeten your cacao drink with your preferred sweetener.

2. Add milk or milk alternatives to create a creamy cacao latte.


Step 8: Cleanup

1. Dispose of the used cacao grounds from the filter basket and rinse it thoroughly.

2. Clean the Moka pot components as per the manufacturer's instructions.


**Note:** While the process imitates making espresso, keep in mind that cacao doesn't have the same compounds as coffee beans, so the resulting drink will have a unique cacao flavor without the intensity of espresso.


Enjoy your homemade cacao drink, prepared with the elegance of a stovetop espresso maker, and relish the robust and distinct cacao flavors!

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